Balai Seni Art Series

Balai Seni Maybank is one of the country’s earliest corporate galleries. Established in the 1980s, Balai Seni Maybank has played a pivotal role in contributing to the development of the local visual arts scene. Over the years, Maybank Group has played a significant national and international role in promoting our shared cultural, artistic and historical heritage, in which many of Malaysia’s established artists have exhibited at the Balai Seni Maybank.

Maybank’s commitment to arts, culture and heritage has been sustained with a long history of support for local artist, photographers, graphic designers and writers. Balai Seni Maybank has touched the lives of thousands of people; the artistic works of more than 600 artists displayed in more than 30 exhibitions held since 1988 have inspired and encouraged new artists to pursue their dreams. Over the period we have helped local artists, photographers, graphic designers and writers by sponsoring and promoting a wide range of events that celebrate Malaysia’s unique, diverse and vibrant national heritage. Exhibitions are often held in conjunction with national cultural festivals which act as a platform to promote the preservation and encourage the sustainability of arts and culture in Malaysia.

With the revival of the gallery since 2017 through Maybank Foundation’s ‘Balai Seni Art Series’ programme, which is one of the core initiatives under our Art & Culture pillars, the gallery is as an exciting fine and contemporary art platform to support and highlight works by artists, either emerging or established talents, in various forms of visual art. It is part of our ongoing social mission to support and acknowledge the distinctive and creative efforts of the art community in Malaysia.


Balai Seni Art Series 2019

  • MyTIGER Values Art Competition and Exhibition 2020
  • Merdeka and Malaysia Day Art Exhibition 2020
  • Maybank Art Collection Series: Volume 1
  • Contemporary Installation and Mixed Media Exhibition
  • Entwine: Maybank Women Eco-Weavers Meet Southeast Asian Artists Travelling Exhibition

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*DISCLAMER: In view of the current COVID-19 outbreak, Balai Seni Maybank is currently closed until further notice. We are postponing all current and upcoming public programmes at Balai Seni Maybank as a precaution measures. Our priority is the health and welfare of our visitor, staff and larger Maybank Balai Seni Community.