Healthy Living

Over the years Maybank has been helping underpriviledged patients to gain access to quality healthcare. Our sponsorship support this work by combining annual sporting events with fund-raising. We have a long history of supporting exceptional sports programmes at junior and professional levels.


Sports Sponsorship and Junior Development

Maybank sponsors events in golf, and promotes excellence among aspiring athletes. For us, sponsorship is also an important tool of corporate responsibility. 

Our sponsorship has a strong fundraising element. Maybank Malaysian Open Golf has been an important platform since its introduction in 2006. The prestigious golf event draws extensive media attention locally and globally. Over the years, various fundraising initiatives have been implemented in conjunction with MMO and the proceeds have been donated to programmes and causes supported by Maybank Foundation.

The junior development programmes set in place to develop local talent have already started to achieve results. Our long-term objective is to see a home-grown golfer bring honour to the nation by competing successfully at world-class tournaments. 

Maybank Liver Transplant Centre at Hospital Selayang, Malaysia

In 2002, we entered into a unique partnership with the Hospital Selayang Liver Transplant Centre. With an initial contribution of RM5 million, we helped the centre to increase the number of patients getting treatment. With our support, medical costs are subsidised for underpriviledged patients. In 2014, Maybank Foundation's donation of more than RM1 million was used for the purchase and maintenance of medical equipment for organ procurement in Malaysia.

Up until 2015, the centre has carried out 66 transplants. It is estimated that about 6 to 10 patients undergo liver transplants at the centre annually. With the support of Maybank Foundation, the number is expected to increase to 15 patients a year.

For more information on our programmes, download the Maybank Sustainability Reports here.

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