About Maybank Foundation



About Maybank Foundation

Maybank Foundation has been the strategic driver and main implementer of Maybank Group’s community programmes since it was inaugurated in 2010, in conjunction with the Group’s 50th anniversary. The Foundation’s mandate is to create positive, long-term impact in communities in the markets where Maybank operates. It strives to identify programmes that will have the most tangible and sustainable results.

The focus of the Foundation is to enhance quality of life for all, irrespective of race, gender, or creed with an emphasis on the poor and marginalised. This is done through strategic partnerships with local stakeholders and NGOs. In all six areas, namely Education, Community Empowerment, Arts and Culture, Environmental Diversity, Healthy Living, and Disaster Relief, and in every country, we focus our activities and our funding on creating meaningful, measurable, and sustainable impacts that differentiate us from our competitors and complement our long-term aspiration to humanise financial services.

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  • Education

    Children and youth must have access to education and the opportunity to fulfil their potential. We invest in education through scholarships, financial literacy, and school programmes.

  • Community Empowerment

    Our community empowerment efforts are centred on creating sustainable livelihoods and support systems. As we expand regionally, we are committed to developing effective and affordable solutions that tackle issues of financial and social exclusion. Our interventions are driven by the belief that financial inclusion is a powerful enabler for economic growth.

  • Arts and Culture

    We recognise the importance of safeguarding our arts and cultural heritage for future generations. Through Maybank Kim Eng, we are undertaking various key arts and culture-related programmes. We have helped numerous artists, photographers, graphic designers, and writers by sponsoring and promoting a wide range of events to celebrate South East Asia’s unique, diverse, and vibrant cultures. Our own Balai Seni at Maybank is a venue for showcasing arts and cultural programmes, such as our long-running Nukilan Jiwaku.

  • Environmental Diversity

    We help protect our planet’s diversity for future generations by supporting conservation efforts in South East Asia. Protection and conservation of the environment enables genuine sustainable development.

  • Healthy Living

    Our healthy living programmes are based on our belief that companies have potential to positively affect the health of not just their employees, but their communities as well. In addition to events for the public, like the Bali Marathon, we have programmes to support development of public health care and provide access to underprivileged patients.

  • Disaster Relief

    Although our region is one of the more disaster-prone areas in the world, we did not face natural calamities that were as dramatic as the previous year. We have learnt over the years that disaster relief work is only impactful if we invest continually in disaster preparedness. We have entered a 3-year partnership with MERCY Malaysia and our financial support of RM 1 million is used for disaster response, rebuilding and risk-reduction programmes.

  • 12 December 2018
    Maybank’s ‘PURE Painting' Exhibition Brings New Perspectives To Abstract Art
  • 12 December 2018
    Maybank Bags Illustrious Accolades for Tiger Conservation Effort
  • 12 December 2018
    Maybank Provides New Creative Avenues For Weavers And Visual Artists
  • 15 October 2018
    Maybank Foundation expands silk weaving centre in Laos
  • 03 October 2018
    Maybank Recognised Internationally for Tiger Conservation