01 September 2022

Invitation to View the ‘Hari-Hari Malaysia: A Collection of Wordless Comics Celebrating Independence and Nationhood 2022’ Exhibition

Maybank Foundation is pleased to present an exhibition entitled ‘HARI-HARI MALAYSIA: A Collection of Wordless Comics Celebrating Independence and Nationhood 2022’, from 29 August to 30 September at Balai Seni Maybank. Beginning in 2019, the annual art event, organised in conjunction with Independence Day and Malaysia Day celebrations as a testament of our commitment to support and acknowledge the creative efforts of young artists in Malaysia.

HARI-HARI MALAYSIA:A Collection of Wordless Comics Celebrating Independence and Nationhood 2022 commemorates the diversity, creativity of the arts, and the joys of appreciating the many iterations and interpretations of fine arts through the lens of young and emerging artists.

Comics or sequential art has long appealed to the younger generations due to its image-rich medium. Over time, it has evolved from being mere disposable entertainment into a distinct art form celebrated on par with literature. It is a versatile platform for self-expression and imagination which due to the advancement in illustration software, can be taken up easily by almost anyone that has the talent and passion for it.

Similar to last year’s ‘DENGAN KASIH DAN HARAPAN: A MyTIGER Values Tribute to Merdeka and Malaysia 2021’ exhibition, the comic artists showcased were selected from the hundreds of submissions to our annual MyTIGER Values art and design competition, which is currently in its fifth year.

In doing so, we hope to encourage more young talents to showcase their works and further develop their craft so that they may be able to pursue this passion as a full-time profession and be recognised for it one day. We appreciate the growing positive response to the annual competition and series of exhibitions organised throughout the years in our journey to promote the artistic creativity of our youths.

This exhibition features 88 artworks from 21 gifted comic artists as listed below:

  1. Ain Amirah Mohd Robi
  2. Asma Azarisman
  3. Cao Si Qi
  4. Chew Sue Phing
  5. Chin Tong Xin
  6. Chuah Yunke
  7. Daphaney Wong Yun Xian
  8. Edra Scarlett
  9. Farrah Yusoff
  10. Goh Xuan Le
  11. Karina Nayli Zaidi
  12. Leong Yi Zhen
  13. Marsya Akmal Hizam
  14. Muhammad Amir Danial Mohd Khaironi
  15. Nueru
  16. Seow Kar Yan
  17. Too Cheng Shuang
  18. Tunku Yusrina Tunku Nazrin
  19. Wan Nurasyiqin Wan Mohd Lotfi
  20. Wong Chi Ying

We invite all Maybankers, families and friends to HARI-HARI MALAYSIA’s immersive art experience. We look forward to seeing you there!


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