18 January 2019

Maybank Foundation Launches Entrepreneurship Erogramme for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and Marginalised Community in Laos on 18 January 2019

Maybank Foundation launched the R.I.S.E. (Reach Independence and Sustainable Entrepreneurship) in Laos on Friday, January 18. The R.I.S.E. Programme is the flagship programme of Maybank Foundation that aims to build the capabilities of its PWD participants through a structured training and mentoring process, with particular focus on improving their skills in entrepreneurship and financial management. This follows the success of Phase 1 & 2 of this programme which began in 2014 and reached out to over 5,000 persons with disabilities (PWDs) and the marginalised - in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The foundation is channelling an initial RM667,800 (approx. USD162,000) for the pilot of the R.I.S.E. programme in the country, funded by Maybank in Laos to support its corporate social responsibility initiatives. Under this programme, selected participants will attend a three-day Entrepreneurship & Financial Training session, followed by a six-month mentoring period where they will be trained and coached to develop their entrepreneurial skills to help them achieve higher income level and improve their overall standard of living.

The programme was launched at the Angkham Hotel, Saysetha District, Vientiane and personally welcoming the participants into the programme were Maybank Foundation CEO Shahril Azuar Jimin and Representative from Malaysia Embassy Mr. Mohd Aini Atan – Ambassador. Also present at the event were Mdm Lani Saulinggi - 2nd Secretary - Indonesia Embassy, Mr. Gary Lim - 2nd Secretary - Singapore Embassy, Mr. Rashid Damit - 2nd Secretary - Brunei Embassy, Mr. Jose Carlo Morales - Wise Consulate and 3rd Secretary - Philippine Embassy, Mr. Phongsavanh Phomkong - Head of IFC Office, Mr. Phonekeo Lattanavong, Deputy of LDPA, Dr. Khetkeo Sorphabmixay, Deputy Department of Administration and Planning, Center of Medical Rehabilitation, Ministry of Health, Mr. Daovone Phachanthavong, Vice President of LNCCI, Mdm. Kommaly Chanthavong, Director of Lao Sericulture Company, and Ninpaseuth Sayaphonesy – Lao Women Union.

“In Phase 1 of the programme, we saw 280 participants succeed in their businesses in which each participant achieved a remarkable 411.7% average income increase. In Phase 2, 1,866 participants who were trained across Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines achieved an average income increase of 356,4%, 351,8% and 565% in those countries respectively,” Maybank Foundation CEO, Shahril Azuar Jimin said.

“Given the huge success of the programme, we are now in Phase 3 of the programme, which will now reach out to 4,000 people in four countries: Malaysia - 800, Indonesia – 2,000, Philippines – 1,000 and Laos - 200 as pilot, of which 70% will comprise PWDs.”

“Our commitment to supporting and empowering the disadvantaged, especially PWDs, is very much in line with Maybank’s mission of humanising financial services,” said Shahril.

Maybank, People Systems Consultancy and Social Department and Social Development Division. R.I.S.E. aims to have at least 40% of its participants gain an income increase of 100% within three months. Now on its third phase, it has already trained more than 800 participants in Malaysia, more than 1,800 participants in Indonesia and more than 800 participants in the Philippines achieved an average income increase of 364.4%, 338.3% and 620.8% in the countries respectively. For its pilot training in Laos, 200 participants from Vientiane, Laos have been identified through Maybank Foundation’s implementing parttner, People Systems Consultancy and the Laos’ Department of Social Welfare and Development.

“R.I.S.E. Programme seeks to promote financial inclusion among differently-abled communities. Whilst financial inclusion is still relatively low in ASEAN, particularly among PWDs and marginalised communities, it is Maybank’s advocacy to drive the bigger agenda of furthering financial inclusion in the region.” added Shahril.
The Foundation focuses on six key areas, namely Education, Community Empowerment, Healthy Living, Environmental Diversity, Arts & Culture, and Disaster Relief. In all six areas and in every country it operates, Maybank Foundation is focused on activities and funding that would create meaningful, measurable and sustainable impacts that differentiate it from its competitors and complement its mission to humanise financial services.


About Maybank Foundation
Maybank Foundation was set up in 2010 to implement Maybank’s corporate sustainability programmes in Malaysia and throughout the region where it operates.  It aims to assist communities and support them through long-term partnerships, volunteerism efforts, and targeted social investments.  The foundation’s approach goes beyond charitable giving, and encompasses sustainable programmes with long-lasting impact.