02 July 2019

Shades of Malaysia through Graphite & Ink

In continuation of Balai Seni Art Series 2019, Maybank Foundation, the CR arm of the Maybank Group launched its thematic art exhibition entitled ‘Melukis: Drawing in Graphite & Ink’ at Balai Seni Maybank in Kuala Lumpur.

The exhibition features artworks from 9 local upcoming and established artist, Arikwibowo Amril, Krishnan, Monical Lee, N.Shanthamathe, Shahbandi Samat, Thangarajoo, Izzah Nazeri and Persatuan Seni Pensil Malaysia, who are well-versed in graphite and ink drawings that highlight the qualities of the many creative individuals with refreshing and colourful perspectives on the personal and emotional landscapes. S. Amin Shahab, a renowned visual artist and lyricist will be featured as the exhibition’s guest artist.  

Melukis: Drawings in Graphite & Ink’ is a celebration of our society and the joys of appreciating the many iterations and interpretations of fine arts, whilst empowering local artists on all facets of life, showcasing 55 artworks created using graphite and ink displayed on canvases.    

In conjunction with ‘Melukis: Drawings in Graphite & Ink’ Art Exhibition, a special 2-hour colouring workshop under the guidance of the president of the Persatuan Seni Pensil Warna Malaysia, Hasren @ Uneh to learn more on colouring technique will be held on Menara Terrace, Menara Maybank on 22 June 2019.

As part of Balai Seni Art Series 2019, Maybank Foundation has launched the thematic art exhibition entitled ‘Melukis: Drawings in Graphite & Ink’ in an auspicious ceremony at Balai Seni, Menara Maybank on 26 June 2019.

In a ceremony officiated by the Group Chief Human Capital Officer, Puan Nora Manaf and graced by the CEO of Maybank Foundation En. Shahril Azuar Jimin and distinguished guest artists such as the great S. Amin Shahab and U-Wei Haji Saari, the art exhibition was duly noted as the first ever exhibition to primarily showcase graphite and ink based artworks in Balai Seni since the renaissance of Balai Seni under its current management in 2017.

“Today’s exhibition challenges the minds of art lovers, allowing them to free their thoughts and assign their own meaning to the art pieces. For the first time ever, we showcase an exhibition fully dedicated to graphite and ink art aimed at educating and inculcating an appreciation among enthusiasts of this exceptional art form.This exhibition is also a great avenue to showcase the creative abilities of our extraordinary local artists giving them a positive push in their careers and at the same time expanding the portfolio of Malaysian graphite and ink scene” said Shahril.  

Syed Indera Syed Omar, widely known as Siso Kopratasa and his guitarist, rounded off the ceremony with the recitation of the original poem by our National Laureate, Latiff Mohidin entitled ‘Kembara Malam’ and the first ever performance of ‘Hitam Putih Kehidupan’, an original song by S. Amin Shahab in a beautiful tribute to his current work.

Balai Seni Maybank has been actively hosting Malaysian and international artists since its establishment in the 1980’s. Some of the biggest names in the local art scene today have, in the past, exhibited their artworks at Balai Seni Maybank which continues to support the new generation of visual arts practitioners.